Here are links to pages on published books written or edited by Ivo Mosley:

‘BANK ROBBERY’, 2019. Two monetary reform websites, Positive Money and The Cobden Centre, serialized a book by Ivo Mosley ‘BANK ROBBERY’ on monetary reform. A completely re-written print version is to be published by Triarchy Press in October 2019.

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IN THE NAME OF THE PEOPLE, 2013. A commission from Imprint Academic to write a book on the ‘democratic deficit’. 

In the Name of the People makes for a potential eye-opener for readers.’ – Bookbag.

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DEMOCRACY, FASCISM & THE NEW WORLD ORDER (Imprint Academic 2003). A look at the new political oligarchy who control us in the name of democracy and freedom. ‘Provocative Stuff!’ – Andrew Morrod, Daily Mail.

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DUMBING DOWN (Imprint Academic, 2000), a book of essays edited by Ivo on cultural change and malaise.

‘At last—a guide to the moronic inferno!’ Laurence Coupe in PNR.

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EARTH POEMS (HarperSanFrancisco, 1996). Compiled for the American market, Earth Poems is a revised version of The Green Book of Poetry.

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THE GREEN BOOK OF POETRY (Frontier Publishing, 1993; paperback version 1994). An anthology of hundreds of poems from around the world, many translated by Ivo, with commentary.

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From reviews: ‘A book for our time’ – The Weekend Telegraph. ‘A book for us all’ – The Literary Review. ‘This book should be open on everyone’s kitchen table’ – Village Voice. ‘A book to possess!’  Naomi Lewis, London Evening Standard.  ‘Book of the Year’ – Raymond Carr, The Spectator. ‘Brilliant and idiosyncratic… entirely fascinating’  Polly Devlin, The Week. ‘One of the best anthologies—ever!’ Brendan Kennelly.