‘The London Buskers Orchestra’.

The London Buskers Orcherstra… Meet For the End of the World!

A MUSICAL DRAMA, words and music by IVO MOSLEY.
London is in a panic. The end of the world is quite possibly imminent. When the moment comes, what will everyone be doing? The London Buskers Orchestra decide to hold a rehearsal as usual. Why not!
Before the grand finale, we follow the lives of some of the buskers – romance, hardship and crazy antics with passers-by in a world on the edge.
For some reason, the audio recording is poor quality, but here’s a sample anyway to show the fun (it’s the encore, as performed at the Battersea Arts Centre):
Directed by Will Forster.
Musical Director, Katie Stokes.
Designer, James Sheppard.
Lighting Designer, Esteban Nunez.
Sound Designer, Josh Richardson and Malin Mork.
David Beynon
Annimarla Bjork
Jill Cardo
Lila Clements
Daniel Gott
Victoria Hamnett
Billie Higson
Keir Howard
Carol McCroskey
Sam Palladio
Katie Stokes
Lauren Storer
Sarah Vezmar

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