‘Danny’s Dream’.


DANNY’S DREAM was first performed at the Rowntree Theatre York, 1999.
Book and Lyrics by Ivo Mosley, Music by Piers Browne, Arranged by Colin Cattle.

‘A raw and truthful show.. The songs fizz with anger, hurt and resentment – but love and humour too.’ – Charles Hutchinson, Yorkshire Evening Press.

Danny, a twelve-year old boy, comes home to find his parents and sister rowing as usual. Falling asleep over his computer game, he dreams that he is transported to a world without love. Men-in-suits and machines are in charge, violence and exploitation rule. Beauty and compassion have all but vanished. Danny embarks on a journey to find his lost family and to re-discover love. His dreams of comedy, nightmare and redemption convince him that his otherworldly quest is only the beginning of a struggle to live…

First Performed by Stagecoach Youth Theatre, York.

John Cooper, director of the first production, writes: ‘we have tackled Shakespeare, Arthur Miller, Chaucer, Jean-Paul Sartre, but for me and the entire company DANNY’S DREAM will remain very special’.

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