‘Bank Robbery’ is a book dealing with the theme: ‘How come most of our world is now owned by so few people?’
An earlier version was published on the websites ‘Positive Money’ and ‘The Cobden Centre’.
Now completely re-written, it will be published as a book later this year (2019) by Triarchy Press.

2 replies on “‘BANK ROBBERY’”

  1. wendy says:

    Dear Ivo,
    I have been moved your beautiful collection of poetry in the book Earth Poems and intend to recommend it on my website. Trying to find out its current availability led me to The Green Book of Poetry and thence to this website.
    I’m enjoying reading your ‘Bank Robbery’ writings – well-researched, clear, engaging, and eye-wateringly illuminating!
    I just thought it might be helpful to mention my wondering whether your interpretation of the parable of the talents might be a bit too literal?
    I’m not a Christian and have no axe to grind, but as a teacher and practitioner in a different tradition I am conscious of how often metaphor is used by teachers, being more poetic and impactful, than strictures. Often, as I’m sure you know, the teachings are allegorical or contextual so reliance on the words themselves may in fact act as an obscuration to the message to which they gesture.
    A quick check on Wikipedia shows a variety of interpretations of the parable… ranging from one for Christians through to its possible use as a social critique or a critique of religious leaders. I tend to think that any of these is more likely than that he was suggesting that Christians became intelligent investors of their monetary goods….
    I may be wrong but thought it worth consideration…. it might be something that some readers would snarl on. with all good wishes Wendy

  2. Sten says:

    Exceptionally interesting reading.

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