Festival of Ideas for Change.

At this point in time, we humans desperately need change… few people would disagree with that!

But what kinds of change would be good? And how can we actually get to make those changes?

The Festival of Ideas for Change is an ongoing attempt to answer those questions. Now in its third year, it is a chance to discuss and consider things not normally talked about in the mainstream media.

What kinds of ideas? Anything from the local to the global – and beyond! From the downright practical to the most highfalutin’.


Housing and Homelessness;

Debt, Exploitation and Inequality;

Race Relations;

Food and the Environment;

Education: is it a tool for turning out economically viable and well-behaved citizens, or a process of discovery leading to freedom and self-determination?

How do we get some REAL democracy?

Can we work towards international law that would make nations behave towards each other?

Ideas are all very well, but how do we put them into action?

The 2016 Festival was held in the Mural Hall on Hilly Fields. The 2017 Festival was held at Lewisham Southwark College. The next festival…? Still to be decided. The website for the Festival is here.

Both Festivals had roughly 250 attendees and a very exciting atmosphere. As well as an interesting range of speakers, the second festival had extra rooms where people could discuss further, an ‘ideas cafe’ and a room where films were showing.