Democracy, Fascism and the New World Order.

Imprint Academic, 2003.


‘Provocative Stuff!’ – Andrew Morrod, Daily Mail.

Democracy as a form of government is open to corruption like any other.

Ivo Mosley looks at methods and deceptions in representative democracy, as well as insights from political thinkers of the past, in an attempt to understand some of the corruptions at work in democracy today.

1. Democracy and its Corruptions
2. Communism and Fascism
3. Corporations and the Corporate State
4. Serving the Corporate State
5. Plundering the Nations
6. Eyeball to Eyeball: the ‘Fight Against Evil’
7. The Rule of Law
8. International Law
9. Epilogue: War without End, Amen

Publisher: Imprint Academic, PO Box 1, Thorverton EX5 5YX



2 replies on “Democracy, Fascism and the New World Order.”

  1. Web Hosting says:

    Perhaps because of Marx s historical influence, and perhaps because of a liberal democracy dynamic towards social democracy, the effect of this is that social democracies for which read socialist states retain the essentials of Marxism, except for the requirement that, eventually, the state will whither away. In this, social democracy demands that individuals be stripped of their liberties in order that the state may act as control-freak forever.

  2. “The author knows a thing or two about fascism, and he brings a passionate reasoning to this analysis of its conception, practice and decline. Provocative stuff.” Andrew Morrod,

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