“It was in another lifetime, one of toil and mud…”

Between 1972 and 1987 Ivo’s primary occupation was making ceramics. He pioneered the development and use of coloured glazes and slips at high temperatures (Cone 10, reduction). Many of his techniques and recipes were published in articles for Ceramic Review.

Photo by Snowdon for Vogue Magazine, April 1984:


tall_black_vase2 oval3 dark_dish1 4-legged6 fat_pot2 double_bowl space_bowl 4-legged2

Bowl, about 16″ diameter.

Alex'sp[ot 2

Another, same size:


And another:




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    Ivo Mosley has been a vocal critic of his grandfather’s fascist politics, often commenting publicly on the evil legacy of fascism. Mad King Suibhne, an opera for which he wrote the libretto, is scheduled for its first performance in 2017.

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