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  1. Oscar Wilson says:

    Who provided the information that grandfather Oswald was “sexually aroused” by a cavalcade in Rome while standing alone next to Mussolini nearly 90 years ago? Mosley himself?

  2. Laurene Echols says:

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  3. Sallie Eusebio says:

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  4. Teddy Vandenberg says:

    Dear Mr Mosley
    My name is Teddy Vandenberg.
    I am writing a book about white supremacy,
    The world is going thru a demographic Armageddon.
    I would appreciate it, if you could put me in contact with Mr
    Max Mosley PR person.
    I am Black “British” by 2040 the UK will be a country where white British will be in the minority.
    This situation will be detrimental for black folks.
    My organization will be called EUROPA 2050.
    I agree with Mr Mosley views, and would like to interview him for
    my book.
    This is serious stuff.
    By 2050 White folks all over the white world i,e,
    Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand
    will be in the minority.
    EUROPA2050 would like the implementation of a law limiting
    the governing of the UK to white Folks only.
    We have passed the tipping point.
    Remember Enoch Powel?
    He was absolutely right. We did not come to the UK to be governed
    by Khans, Patels or Mohammed.
    This has nothing to do with Racism, all humans are innately RACISTS.
    It’s not rocked science.
    please help.
    kind regards

    teddy vandenberg

    Sent from my iPad

  5. Alex Koehler says:

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  6. Stuart Haden says:

    It was a great pleasure to meet you at Rich Mix, Shoreditch and hear your views on the current state of the world. I look forward to reading your articles , poetry and book. If you write my name and photographer on googlr you will see some of my black and white photographs and cv.

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