From Wiki – ‘Ivo Adam Rex Mosley is a British writer. His varied career has encompassed ceramics, poetry, social commentary, opera, fiction and music theatre. His focus currently (2017) is on works of non-fiction relating to politics and monetary reform. He lives in London with his wife.’

Welcome to my website! This is my latest book: BANK ROBBERY


The most destructive fact in the world today is almost a complete secret. Those who know about it mostly keep quiet, and those who talk about it are mostly ignorant. And it’s quite a simple fact.

The fact is that money is created as fictitious debt, and alongside it an equal amount of real debt is also created. Historically, this method of creating money has only ever been made legal for one reason: to increase the power and wealth of those who already have power and wealth. Whenever the method has been made legal in the past, it’s led to collapse of civilization – just as it’s doing today.

Not only does the method create huge debt in the world and terrible inequality, it also gives wealth and power to people who only care about getting more wealth and power. Such people tend not to care about the consequences of what they do. As for everyone else, it seems the method – like a magic trick – is easily concealed, so that reform never becomes a priority.

To explain: money today is debt owed by a bank, which it will never pay. We think banks pay out cash, but cash is also fictitious debt – in this case, from the government. The system is a collusion between government, banks and plutocrats. (Marxism has only differed from capitalism in that government monopolises completely the power and the profit which the system supplies.)

The laws which make this possible may not be obviously unjust like the laws that allowed slavery, but they are every bit as destructive: as well as creating widespread poverty and debt, they are responsible for ecological destruction and wars. They also undermine democracy and prevent general prosperity. If we want to survive, we should reform and create money in a fair way.